Quality Night


On two separate occasions during the school year, IACS invites families and the general public to visit the school for Quality Night. Each middle school student displays one piece of work that they have revised and is considered their highest quality.

Students in fifth and seventh grade prepare an additional piece for presentation in the spring. Fifth graders present to families and guests during an evening event, while seventh graders present to high school students during the school time. During this time, the sixth and eighth graders prepare for their Jury presentations. Guests are asked to review short student presentations of their work and are given the opportunity to provide feedback to students.

As the IACS charter reads, “Anything worth doing is worth doing well.” Using this motto as a guide, Quality Night is an opportunity for students to polish and prepare a presentation of their best work.

We believe that Quality Night is not only an experience for adults to learn about what we do at IACS, but an opportunity for students to learn important public speaking and presentation skills.