Annual Reports

Innovation Academy Charter School is committed to setting ambitious goals. Goal-setting forms an important part of our teaching practice with students and our professional practice as educators and school leaders.

Setting ambitious goals means committing to collecting  data related to those goals.

We are committed to analyzing the data we collect at every level of the school, from leadership meetings, to faculty meetings, to ILP meetings with individual students. 

Our analysis informs revisions of current practices and policies that better position our school to meet those goals and to set future goals.  We use this process with our school leadership, our faculty, and of our students who set, monitor, and evaluate goals every year during ILP conferences.  

IACS Annual Report

As a charter school, we submit an “Annual Report” every July to the Department of Elementary and Secodary Education.  Every charter school’s annual report reads a bit differently as the mission and key program elements will vary from school to school.  In the report you will find information about goals related three major categories: Faithfulness to Charter, Academic Program Success, and Organizational Viability.   You can our most recent report posted on the right side of this page.  

DESE Accountability Reports

In accordance with the federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act, the Massachusetts DESE provides and publishes a wide range of data to be made available to the public.  This data ranges from performance on standardized assessments to graduation rates.  Our school’s most recent Report Card, Accountability Report, MCAS Performance,  can be viewed on the DESE website.   Should you have any questions regarding this data, please contact Middle School Assistant Principal, Ashley Uyaguari or High School Assistant Principal, Stephanie Kelly.