About the Board

The Role of the Board and Policy Governance

The most successful organizations understand the roles necessary to achieve success, the specific responsibilities of those roles, and the appropriate relationships between roles to drive the organization.

Innovation Academy Charter School is no different.

Most of the staff roles are fairly clear, and fit cleanly into the models we are familiar with. At IACS, the Board of Trustees’ role differs from a traditional public school committee, and leaves the day-to-day operational decisions and issues to the Head of School and staff.

At IACS, the Board of Trustees takes care of the “big picture”. They do this by ensuring that good policies (guidelines and “rules of engagement”) are in place to guide everything that happens at the school and then they check to ensure that these policies are being followed. These policies have evolved from the core values of the school, represented in our original charter and our bylaws, and keep the school true to the reasons why IACS was created.

The goal of Policy Governance is to set boundaries and limits within which the head of school and staff are expected to run the school effectively, efficiently, and in compliance with state requirements. Policies are created and monitored for compliance relevant to the goals of our charter, fiscal responsibility, legal compliance, and organizational stability.

Your input helps our board to ensure the success of the Innovation Academy Charter School and, most importantly, its students. Thank you for the role you play contributing to the future of our school!

For more information about charter school board governance visit the DOE’s section about it.