Quality Night

Quality Night is a presentation event where students give verbal presentations to adults in the community to show off an assignment from the beginning of the school year. Students gain experience in revising and polishing work, reflecting on the process of doing the assignment, planning a speech, speaking in front of an audience, and displaying their work.

student_prepares_largeThe Prep

Students hunkered over computers, construction paper scraps strewn about, notecards fluttering, and voices projecting. These are the sights and sounds of students preparing for Quality Night. Students work hard revising a piece of work that represents their best quality or most enjoyed assignment. They revise, revise, revise, so that it is polished and ready to be showed off.

The Focus

Of the 4 outcomes emphasized at IACS, Quality Night focuses on Effective Communication. Student figure out how to tell others what they have learned during class and how they thought and felt about a particular assignment. Students work hard to get the words just right, and to sound well practiced.


Do the Thing that Scares You

A lot of students, especially 5th graders, have a fear of the unknown, when it comes to presenting. Do I have to present to an entire auditorium full of people? Won’t I be nervous? What if I can’t answer a question? Where do I look? Afterward you hear them let out a collective sigh of relief. Oh, it wasn’t as bad as I thought! I survived! That was actually

pretty fun! The experience is constructed to show them they are able to take on tasks that feel nerve-wracking at first, and actually plan ahead so that they are prepared for a big event. Adults offer them feedback that helps them on their road towards better communication, better stage presence, and better confidence.


Presenters for Life

Students receive lots of feedback that they read after the event. Things like: Handshake was a little weak. Great smile! They were able to tell me about their math calculations, but only when I asked questions about it. Don’t forget to look up!

Students at IACS will go on to do many presentations over the course of their time here. Each time they will grow, add more detail, gain more proficiency. When our students go out into the world after IACS, we want them to know that they are confident public speakers that can take on challenging activities, plan ahead, and can take on whatever life throws at them.