The advisory program exists to develop trusting and supportive relationships between adults and students to improve on the overall experience of students while at IACS.  Through advisory, students have a small community at IACS in which to develop and enhance their social and emotional skills, build positive organizational and work habits, reflect on their academic and personal growth, and practice local and global citizenship. Advisory helps students practice and improve skills in the four IACS outcomes of Self-Direction, Problem Solving, Community Membership, and Effective Communication.

All students are part of an advisory group.  Advisory groups meet throughout the week during regularly scheduled times.  The advisor is the chief advocate in the school for their advisees; while they may not always be the one to directly mentor or solve problems for their advisee, they ensure that their advisees get the support they need.  The advisor serves as a point of contact to families for social and emotional issues and, after directly contacting teachers, for academic issues.