The Outcomes

IACS asks students to demonstrate growth in each of the four school holistic outcomes each year: community membership, effective communication, problem solving and self-direction.

Self-Direction: Students are persistent and self-directed learners.

  • Students use systems thinking tools to analyze their growth over time.
  • Students reflect on their own learning in order to both leverage their strengths and manage their personal challenges.
  • Students work independently by setting and meeting deadlines as well as manage timelines of intermediate steps.
  • Students assess and take risks as part of continuous growth in learning.


Problem Solving: Students are critical thinkers who engage with real-world problems.

  • Students use systems thinking tools to identify elements and connections within complex problems.
  • Students make interdisciplinary connections between and among academic disciplines.
  • Students make practical applications of their skills and learning to the world beyond the classroom.
  • Students can effectively generate and evaluate solutions.


Community Membership: Students are constructive contributors to the school and their larger communities.

  • Students use systems thinking tools to model roles, relationships, and influences within community systems.
  • Students work collaboratively, using other people’s roles and ideas to improve results.
  • Students demonstrate respect for and responsibility to their communities.
  • Students pursue cultural proficiency within themselves and their communities.


Effective Communication: Students are effective communicators in formal and informal settings.

  • Students use systems thinking tools to make their understanding and knowledge visible.
  • Students listen actively and speak confidently to familiar and unfamiliar audiences.
  • Students read critically and write effectively to create and communicate meaning.
  • Students leverage technology to develop and communicate ideas.