Blizzard Bag

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Description of IACS Blizzard Bag Program

In the event that three snow days have been used due to school closures, Innovation Academy may implement a “Blizzard Bag” model for any further days missed due to school closures. The decision on whether a school closure will be a Blizzard Bag day, or a traditional snow day that will be made up in June, will be decided by the Head of School.   

  • Students would have a minimum of 10 school days to complete the assignment (could be longer at teacher discretion). If the assignment is not completed, the student will be graded accordingly and will be marked absent for that class on the snow day.
  • Due to the possibility that a student or teacher may not have access to a computer with internet access, or may have lost electricity due to the weather, there will not be a specific requirement that students and teachers work online on a day school is canceled. However, in many cases students will be given the option to begin these assignments during the day of cancellation.  
  • School work on these days will vary depending on factors such as: grade level, amount of support required, subject, and whether or not students are currently working on a project for a class.
  • Possible examples of Blizzard Bag work: reading (comprehension questions, reflection); work on ongoing project; lesson available on Google Classroom; math through Khan Academy or IXL; research; MCAS prep; or materials were prepared ahead of anticipated snow day by teacher and was already provided to students.
  • Students who are unable to complete the work at home due to a documented learning disability, will be able to get support upon returning to school during an academic support class or by staying for extra-help with the teacher. If appropriate, students may be given an extension on the 10 school day deadline for completing the Blizzard Bag assignment.