Bullying Prevention and Intervention

Innovation Academy Charter School is committed to working with students, staff, families, law enforcement agencies, and the community to prevent issues of violence. IACS will not tolerate any unlawful or disruptive behavior, including any form of bullying, cyberbullying, or retaliation, in our school buildings, on school grounds, or in school-related activities.  We will investigate promptly all reports and complaints of bullying, cyberbullying, and retaliation, and take prompt action to end that behavior and restore the target’s sense of safety.  We will support this commitment in all aspects of our school community, including curricula, instructional programs, staff development, extracurricular activities, and parent or guardian involvement.”

To read the full text of the IACS Bullying Prevention and Intervention Plan, please refer to either our  Middle and High School “Student and Family Handbook” which can be accessed on this website.

To report about bullying or any other school-related concern please click our online reporting form to make sure your concern is received as quickly as possible.  

Online Incident Reporting Form

Community members may also use print a form by clicking below.