Farm to School

Our Farm to School Program supports school outcomes by empowering students through food, garden, and farm experiences, while providing delicious and nourishing school meals that are reflective of the cultures of our students and whose ingredients are grown with practices that are respectful of our farm workers and our environment. Our program also builds diverse partnerships with regional farms and food access organizations to grow a more healthy, equitable, and resilient community.

Farm to School in the:


  • High School Internship Program
  • High School Choice Block Classes: Plants for Wellness, Gardening, and Chomp and Stomp.

  • 5-12 Curriculum: 5th grade Composting Unit (Presentation to HS Sustainable Food Systems Class), HS honors students teaching 5th grade classes about soil nutrients, HS electives (Sustainable Food Systems, and Gardening and Culinary Sciences).

  • Endersession: Good Eats

  • 5-12 Advisory


  • Meal program sourcing local food from Kimball Fruit Farm in Pepperell, Fresh Roots Greenhouse in Chelmsford, and Farmer Dave’s from various sites.

  • Monthly menus highlight local food meals

  • Student panel that samples and provides input on school meals

  • Advisories working with cafeteria on harvesting for meal prep.



  • Community service learning opportunities: Mill City Grows & Merrimack Valley Food Bank

  • Walk for Hunger

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