For over 20 years, Innovation Academy’s greatest strength has been partnerships with families. Together, we help students develop into lifelong learners who think critically, communicate effectively, and work collaboratively. In addition to the many ways families support our students, your financial support allows the school to hire exceptional people, equip and update our classrooms, and enhance our extracurricular offerings. IACS spends a very small amount of its administrative budget on fundraising — we keep it lean so your gifts will directly impact student learning.

Your tax deductible donation helps us bridge the gap between the per pupil funding that IACS receives and these additional fiscal responsibilities.

Donations of any amount will help us continue to provide the excellent project-based education that drew you to IACS.

As a charter school, IACS receives some funding from Massachusetts to support facilities, however the amount does not adequately cover the mortgage payments and other capital projects we undertake to keep our campus and buildings looking beautiful and safe. In order to keep our state tuition funds focused on our academic and extracurricular programs, IACS engages in fundraising campaigns like this to address additional needs.

Please consider a donation that feels right for your family, whether it be a one time gift or a recurring donation of $10 per week, any amount is gratefully appreciated and will be used to improve the experience of our current and future students. 

We would be grateful for your support if you are in a position to help. Donations of any size are welcome and appreciated.

Does your employer offer a match for your donation?

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Reflections from the past 20 Years at IACS


 “The support of student families is the backbone of our success at IACS. Throughout its 20 years, it has always been about students, their families and staff working together to address the needs of the whole child. When those needs are met, students are able to engage in the process of building the skill set to be productive contributors in their communities and enjoy learning, The goal is to instill a curiosity for learning that will last a lifetime.”

Charlene LaRoche
Parent in the school’s founding year
IACS  Middle School Teacher & Administrator, 1999-2016





 “IACS taught me perspective and the ability to apply critical thinking. I was inspired to be unique, and to speak and write with my own voice. Learning was an adventure and I received the foundation necessary to achieve professional success.”

Laura Hagopian, MD, FAWM
Chelmsford Public Charter School, 1996-2000
Emergency Room Physician, Lowell General Hospital




 “Murdoch Middle School ignited my academic curiosity and will to work hard, inspiring me to seek academic rigor in high school and college. It is also an exceptionally nurturing and supportive place and one where I had true adult mentors. My teachers, many of whom now represent the core of IACS, set a standard for investing in students and remain influential in my life to this day.”

Olivia Pimm
Murdoch Middle School, Grades 5-8



 “The close relationships I had with teachers at IACS enhanced my learning in high school and prepared me to work directly with professors and students in college as well as an effective member of the workforce.”

Andy Iovanna
Murdoch Middle School
IACS First High School Graduating Class of 2011