HS Academic Support

 Academic Support is a 3 credit semester long course designed to provide students with additional support in the areas of organization, effective study habits, development of grade level skills, and meeting IEP goals. The purpose of this course is to give students the opportunity to utilize the assistance of the Student Services Team in order to develop self-direction skills, self-advocacy, and ultimately to achieve academic success.

This period is meant to give students extra support and time to: organize course materials, ensure tracking and completion of current and upcoming assignments, devise plans for completion of projects or lengthy assignments, work on outlines/graphic organizers, preview/review/further discuss class content, prepare for tests/quizzes, develop and work towards mastering grade level skills, and most importantly understand and make effective progress towards IEP goals.  

Students enrolled in this course have been placed because their IEP team felt that additional support from Student Services would be most beneficial in a small group setting. Ultimately the goal of this course is to for help students develop academic skills and work towards meeting IEP goals.