Educere Online Classes

IACS uses Educere as our online course provider for when a student needs to take a class for summer school, extended medical leave, or for original credit. Here are some of the benefits of this provider:

  • During the summer, a licensed teacher is available through online chat (Instant Teacher) to help students and answer questions from 7:30AM-10:00PM M-F, and from 8:30AM-4:00PM on weekends. During the school year a teacher is available from 7:30AM-7;30PM M-F.
  • Families, students, & IACS are emailed a progress report every week.
  • Families will receive an automated phone call on student progress every 2 weeks
  • A Personal Learning Coach will be the single point of contact for the student and parent for all question that aren’t related to the specific content of the course (Instant Teacher is for questions related to subject content)


Summer School – Abbreviated Classes (Pricing)

  • Most online classes for credit recovery (summer school) are $150 each. Some classes are contracted through other providers and therefore they may cost more. The registration and payments are all directly handled online by families. You will no longer send or drop-off any money at IACS. If a student does not finish the course by the end of August, they would have to pay a fee to extend it by one week.
  • You can register for these Abbreviated Credit Recovery classes by clicking HERE.

  • Registration deadline for Summer School is August 1 and all classes must be completed by August 26th.


Original Credit Classes (Pricing)

  • If a student needs to take a class from start to finish, this is known as “original credit”. If a student fails a class at IACS and receives below a 50% average, they would either have to repeat the class at IACS the following year or they could take the class online for original credit. These classes are more expensive because of their added length and expectations. Students have 4 months to complete a half original credit course.
  • Half Original Credit (1 semester or 3 credits) = $250
  • Full Original Credit (2 semesters or 6 credits) = $300
  • Some classes are contracted through other providers and therefore they may cost more.
  • You can register for these Original Credit classes by clicking HERE.

*There are additional Original Credit classes, but they are often more expensive than the ones listed on our page.