Internship Program

The IACS Internship program aims to give students an opportunity to explore career options while gaining workplace skills regardless of what career a student chooses to pursue.  Often students are placed in a workplace where high school students usually wouldn’t be able to secure on their own. Internships have opened up job opportunities, as well as make a great addition to a college or job application.

We currently partner with over 50 organizations and have a variety of opportunities to offer IACS upperclassmen.

IACS 11th and 12th graders have the option of participating in the IACS Internship program as an extracurricular on Wednesday’ afternoons from 1-5pm, or on both Wednesday and Friday afternoons from 1-3pm. Students are required to provide their own transportation.

Class of 2017 graduate, Caitlin Pichette, interviewed and documented some of her fellow classmates and their mentors at their internship sites. Click on the link above to view the documentaries.


  • Interested In Becoming An Internship Mentor?
  • Internship Packet & Commitment Form for Students & Parents
  • Testimonials

    Intern Testimonials:

    “When I first started my internship I thought that I was going to go to college to be an engineer in a recording studio. I learned while participating in the internship that I liked the business aspect of the recording studio more than the engineering. I’m very grateful that I was able to figure that out sooner rather than later.”

    Nick Kaffine, Class of 2016
    Internship: Night Train Studios and Black Cloud Productions (Westford, MA)


    “My experience at LGH is one of the most educational and valuable experiences I have had in my high school career. Personally, my experience at LGH has truly solidified the fact that becoming a neurosurgeon is something I want to pursue in my future. It’s taught me how a hospital works on a day to day basis and I especially think this experience has given me an advantage because I have more knowledge about hospitals and surgery.”

    Lexi Fisher, Class of 2016
    Internship: Lawrence General Hospital (Lawrence, MA)


    “My two years of internships at IACS have helped me develop the interpersonal and professional skills necessary to succeed in the workplace. I was able to blend into the normal workday of business and learn what it means to support a nonprofit – and how tiring that can be! My internship experience led to further volunteer and job opportunities at both the Discovery Museums and the Chelmsford Center for the Arts.”

    Spencer Royston, Class of 2017
    Internship: Discovery Museum (Acton, MA) & Chelmsford Center for the Arts (Chelmsford, MA)


    Mentor Testimonials:

    “Phoebe is very outgoing, confident and kind young lady.  She shares our organizations’ mission of communication, diversity and friendliness.  Phoebe is delightful and a pleasure to have here with us.  Her eagerness to learn inspires our knowledge which we greatly appreciate.”

    Mentor: Wendy Magee, Lawrence General Hospital (Lawrence, MA)
    Intern: Phoebe Shaw, Class of 2017


    “Mary brings a freshness and collaborative spirit to the office.”

    Mentor: Onorina Maloney, Chelmsford Town Clerk’s Office
    Intern: Mary O’Flaherty, Class of 2018


    “Our IACS intern has provided the opportunity for our engineers to practice leadership and teaching skills, which are beneficial to their participation in other work activities.”

    Mentor: Scott Blanchett & Ben Lunt, Nuvera Fuel Cells, LLC (Billerica, MA)
    Intern: Daniel Wight, Class of 2018