Before the March lottery occurs, applicants will receive an ID number in their email. Data from the lottery will appear here, showing the results of the lottery by ID number so that families can look up their results once the lottery has occurred.

Families will see three items: an ID number (the anonymous, unique identifier for their student), a lottery number (the random number they picked in the digital lottery), and then, finally, their status (either “accepted” or “waitlisted” with a waitlist number).

How are the waitlist numbers determined?

The waitlist numbers are based on your lottery number, with the following additional considerations:

  • Preference is given to siblings of currently enrolled students.
  • Preference is given to students in our region

So, for example, as in the example table below, a student with enrolled siblings at IACS will be higher on the waitlist than one without, regardless of lottery number, and similarly, a student from within our region will be higher than one outside the region regardless of number.

ID NUMBER Lottery Number In region? Sibling? Waitlist Number
001.MAR 3 Yes No 3
002.MAR 2 Yes No 2
003.MAR 4 Yes No 4
004.MAR 1 No No 5
005.MAR 5 Yes Yes 1

In this case, even though student with the ID 004.MAR drew number “1” out of the lottery, they are behind the other students on the waitlist because they are not in region. Similarly, student ID 005.MAR is in front because they are a sibling.

Current Lottery: