After School Program


IACS recognizes that juggling family schedules can be challenging, so we offer a fun and engaging after school program for our 5th through 8th graders. The program provides safe and flexible supervised care.  During the after school program, each day there are snacks followed by quiet time for homework. After homework time, students participate in a variety of activities based on student interest and weather – from playing outdoors to indoor activities like board games and art projects.

Program Details:


  • From 3pm to 6pm on full school days
  • From 12:30pm to 6pm on half-days


  • The first 30 min is free, $5 each 30 min thereafter with a $30 per day max.
  • We will round down within 15-minutes. For example, a 4:45pm pick up will be considered the same as 4:30pm, but a 4:50pm pick up will be rounded to 5pm.


  • This program is run by IACS staff.


For families who have consistent days that they will require after school care, please complete the first form below. For families who occasionally need after school care, please complete the 2nd form below 24-hours prior to the date needed.
To sign up for recurring dates, please complete the following form: 2018-2019 Recurring After School Program Sign Up
To sign up for a specific date, please complete the following form: 2018-2019 Specific Date After School Program Sign-Up


For more details, please contact:

Chad Graves