Middle School Art

In Middle School Art students explore a wide variety of materials and techniques, learn about art elements and principles, and are exposed to diverse art movements and artists. Students engage in a variety of projects that provide opportunities for both skill development and creative expression.

Grade 5: Fundamentals

In grade 5, content covers fundamental art elements and principles and the development of skills using a variety of techniques, such as drawing, painting, printmaking and collage. Final projects ask students to create work that synthesizes and demonstrates their learning over the course of the semester.

Grade 6: Places

In grade 6, units include Landscape Drawing, Digital Photography and Architecture. In the Landscape Drawing unit, students learn how to draw using both one and two point perspective, creating depictions of either real or imagined places. During Digital Photography, students learn how to use a compact digital camera and learn about photographic composition and light, while capturing images of our campus. In the final Architecture unit, students explore structures from Ancient Greece and Rome, as well as the work of more recent influential architects. Using this knowledge, students design their own structures and create 3D models using a variety of materials.

Grade 7: The Figure & Narrative Art

In grade 7, students work towards the creation of a narrative piece – either an illustrated book or comic or a stop motion animation. Beginning with characters, students create the figure in both 2D and 3D. Students learn about the animation process while creating a Flip Book showing a figure in motion. We learn about the process of storyboarding and explore how artists and filmmakers use camera angles and composition to help tell a visual story. Finally, students work independently or in small groups to create a final narrative piece. Those who choose to make a stop motion animation use iPad minis and Stop Motion Pro to create their piece.

Grade 8: Design

In grade 8, students focus on design during three units: Furniture Design, Graphic Design & Fashion Design. Projects during each unit include: Chair Design Rubric, Type Design Rubric, and Recycled Fashion Rubric. Students create a digital presentation of one of their finished pieces using photo manipulation and editing apps on iPad minis.