Middle School Athletic Registration

Please read the following before beginning the registration process for your middle school student.

Below is a list of the paperwork required for all middle school athletes. If it is stated that a particular piece of paperwork is required each season, then you must turn in a copy of this paperwork for each season of athletics that your student-athlete participates in. If it is stated that a piece of paperwork is required yearly, the form must be updated once each school (calendar) year. If you have any questions about required paperwork that may be on file with the Athletic Department, please email iacsathletics@innovationcharter.org. Please allow 48 hours for a response.

Middle School Paperwork- Steps to Register (click each step)

  • EAA Liability Form (Required each season)

    Each season we ask that you complete an EAA liability form for each child that you have participating in an EAA sport. This is required seasonally as important information can change from season to season, such as a child’s medical status or insurance information. The League needs to ensure that all athletes have the most accurate and current information on file in case of emergency. 

    Click here for form 

  • IACS Parental Permission Form (Required each season)

    This form is similar to the EAA Liability Form but it additionally allows for an athlete to participate on an Innovation Academy Athletics team. The information required on this form is more detailed and the Athletic Department staff does review these forms thoroughly each season to ensure that we provide the safest possible environment for your child. This form also gives Innovation staff permission to secure the best possible treatment in the case of a medical emergency (including transportation via ambulance). Similar to the EAA liability form, this information can change from season to season and having the most updated information is incredibly important as this form will be given to emergency personnel in the event of an emergency involving your child. 

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  • Pre-Participation Head Injury Reporting Form (Required each season)

    This is an official state form that asks for a child’s history of head injuries. The Athletic Department is required to have every athlete who participates in our program fill out this form. In addition to being required to have this form completed by each athlete, we are also required by the state to complete “State Concussion Year End Reporting Form.” The information collected in this sheet helps us complete this report. Our Athletic Department also collects and analyzes head injury date so that we can improve in protecting student-athletes from permanent damage due to such injuries. Each season there are a number of head injuries that occur both inside and outside of IACS athletics, and to be sure we have the most accurate data, we ask that this form be filled out seasonally.

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  • Heads-Up Concussion Informational Sheet (Required yearly)

    This sheet is an informational sheet about concussions. It is required by our league (the EAA) each year. Since this information does not tend to change, it is only required to be read and signed by both parent and athlete once every school year. This ensures that parents and children are aware of the procedures around concussions. If there are any changes or updates in the field of head injuries, we will notify the entire IACS Athletic Community using the most appropriate method given the circumstances.

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  • Parent NFHS Concussion in Sports Certification (Required yearly)

    To meet state, league, and school guidelines, at least one parent or guardian in each student athlete’s household must complete the online NFHS course “Concussion in Sports” and submit a copy of their certificate to the Athletic Office. This is a free course and takes about 30 minutes to complete. 

    Click here for course

  • Student NFHS Concussion for Students Certification (Required yearly)

    To meet state, league, and school guidelines, each student-athlete must complete the online NFHS course “Concussion for Students” and submit a copy of their certificate to the Athletic Office. This is a new course this year but is still free and takes about 30 minutes to complete. Please make sure that the student-athlete’s name is on the certificate. This will require them to create their own account separate from a parent or guardian’s using their own e-mail address and take the course through this account. 

    Click here for the new student course

  • Athletic Handbook

    Each summer using input from staff, parents, and students, the Innovation Academy Athletic Handbook is updated. We ask that all parents and student go through the handbook and initial and sign in the designated areas. It is important to be familiar with the handbook as all student-athletes will be held accountable to its standards once it is signed and returned. If you have any clarifying questions or concerns about the handbook, please set up a meeting with the Athletic Director, Nolan McKinnon, so that your concerns may be addressed properly. A student will not be allowed participate until a signed handbook is on file.  

    Click here for 2019-2020 Athletic Handbook

  • Birth Certificate (Required to be on file)

    Birth certificates are required to be on file in the Athletic Office. Please email iacsathletics@innovationcharter.org if you want to double check that it is in fact on file with the Athletic Department. Some students who are new to this school do not have a birth certificate on file. Please allow 48 hours for a response.

  • Updated Physical (Required to be updated at the health office)

    The Athletic Department does not accept copies of physicals. All updated physicals must be passed into the Health Office in order for your child to participate in a sport. The Athletic Department will check electronically to make sure that physicals are on file via X2. If your child’s physical is set to run out during an athletic season, please make sure to schedule their physical promptly and pass a copy of it in to the Health Office as soon as possible so that it can be processed before the old one expires.

    All physicals for participation in athletics expire exactly 13 months from the day that the physical was performed. A student-athlete with an expired physical will need to be held from athletics until an updated physical is on file with the Health Office. Please note that unless an updated physical is on file at the Health Office, a student-athlete may be held from participation.

  • Athletic Fee

    There is a required $150 athletic fee for participation in a season of middle school athletics. Please make checks payable to “IACS” and write the student-athlete’s name in the memo section along with which sport the payment is for. If you’d like to pay with a credit or debit card, there is a “Make a Payment” button located on the athletics webpage which will direct you to a form where you will be able to pay your athletic fee. If financial assistance is required, please click below for a financial assistance form. If needed, complete the form and submit it with your paperwork to the Athletic Department. Innovation Academy Athletics believes that no student should be excluded from the opportunity to participate in athletics for financial reasons. 

    Please click here for financial assistance form

  • Uniform Return

    If your child played a sport in a previous season his or her uniform must be returned in order to be cleared to participate in the next season of sports. If the uniform was lost or damaged, a replacement fee must be submitted to the Athletic Department. This fee varies depending on team. Please contact the Athletic Department regarding pricing.