Intern Mentors Sought

October 14, 2016 10:00 am

As part of our mission at IACS, we offer our upperclassman an opportunity to take advantage in an Internship program on Wednesday afternoons (1-5pm). The program gives students the opportunity to obtain some first hand exposure and experience in the work force, and has brought a lot of benefits to local organizations. Last year one of our mentors at Lawrence General Hospital shared that her intern’s “eagerness to learn inspires our knowledge, which we greatly appreciate.”

To help place all interested students, we are looking for additional mentors and organizations that may want to mentor a student intern. We are currently still looking for placements in the medical field (anywhere from physical therapy, pharmaceutical, medical research, nursing and labs) as well as computer science.

If you, your neighbor, relative or friend may be interested in having an unpaid student intern, we would love the opportunity to see if we may have a good match! Please contact Director of Community Outreach & Advancement, Tina Lindberg at