7th/8th Grade Sargent Center Trip

September 9, 2016 4:12 pm

Seventh and eighth grade students were given an information packet and paperwork to complete for the upcoming Sargent Center trip in advisory. There will be an information session for students during the school day on 9/13. Later that evening, families are invited to attend an information session with Sargent Center staff from 7-8 pm. Students on the Self-Direction Team (Advisories: Edwards, Johnson, Lozeau, Quinorp, Leedberg, Schmalz, O’Donnell, and Mrs. Pererya) will leave Monday, 9/26 and return on Wednesday, 9/28 at 2 pm. Students on the Problem-Solving Team (Advisories: O’Neil-Willoughby, Leonard, Jones, Graber, Mr. Pererya, Uyaguari, Pisco, and McCarthy) will leave Wednesday, 9/28 and return on Friday, 9/30. Paperwork for the trip, along with any medication that will be needed to the trip, is due to school no later than Friday, September 16th.