Board Nominations Committee Meeting

December 15, 2023 8:55 am
Board of Trustees Nominations Committee
Meeting Agenda 
Topic: IACS Nomination Committee
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Meeting ID: 895 7265 3501
Passcode: 862RjB
December 18, 2023
IACS Room 149
6:00 pm
Location: In person and possibly on Zoom
  1. Call to order @ 6:00pm
  2. Discussion of progress on the following action items from the last meeting.
    1. Discussion with of potential candidates. 
    2. Committee members discussions with IACS administrators.
    3. Invite to the community for a meeting with Q and A afterwards or beforehand at our meeting. Figure out which meeting would be good.
    4. Ideas for nominees from the committee
    5. On-Boarding
  3. 6:15- Discussion with Andy about collaborating on writing for the Hawk.
  4. 6:28- Close of meeting 


 Per Open Meeting Law, public boards may allow time for public comment, as permitted by the chair.  A desire to comment at a board meeting should be submitted 24 hours in advance to email address.  Please provide as much detail as possible when submitting your request.