College Counseling Update for November

November 4, 2016 9:58 am


I:  Class of 2017 Early Action Application Update

II: FAFSA Day, CSS Profile and Financial Aid Forms

III: Application Materials Sent to College and Application Status Updates

IV: Who Sends What? Applying to College Reminders

V: College Recommendations: Saying Thank You

V: IACS Twitter and Celebrating College Acceptances

VII: First Semester Grades

VIII: College Counseling Choice Block


I:  Class of 2017 College Application Updates

The Class of 2017 is off to a fantastic start with completing and submitting college applications:

59.6% of the seniors applied to at least one 4-year college/university under the 11/1 Early Action/Early Decision deadline

The seniors submitted 197 applications to 84 Different Colleges/Universities in 21 different states


II: FAFSA Day, CSS Profile and Financial Aid Forms

ALL Families should be completing FAFSA. See the article below for why:


FAFSA Day: Sunday November 6th, 1:00-4:00 pm at UMass-Lowell

To register, find out what to bring, location details and view additional information:


CSS Profile: Students who are applying to colleges which require the CSS Profile (in addition to FAFSA) must file no later than two weeks before the EARLIEST priority filing date specified by your colleges or programs. Review the list of colleges to see if your college requires the CSS Profile!

CSS Profile Information and Colleges Requiring It:

Students/families are responsible for ensuring ALL financial aid required documents for each college completed are submitted in a timely fashion (note that some colleges have their own required forms in addition to the FAFSA and in some cases the FAFSA+CSS Profile is required)



III: Application Materials Sent to College and Application Status Updates

Remember that it takes time (usually a few weeks) for colleges to process all of your application materials so don’t wait right until the deadline to apply to avoid additional stress and/or having a college indicate your materials have not arrived. If after you apply the  college indicates your application is incomplete (through an email/check-status page), please give them time to process your documents. After the college’s suggested waiting time (could be several weeks) you can contact them directly to confirm the status of the application before requesting your materials are re-sent (duplicate copies of materials will cause greater confusion). Students need to be patient and can usually avoid this issue by not applying right before the deadline.

News Article for Parents:


IV: Who Sends What? Applying to College Reminders

Once you submit your application(s) via Common App or through the School Specific Application, you must EMAIL ME each college you’ve applied to (not ahead of time). Email me at least one week before the application deadline after you apply and provide A) The Name of the college/university B) What application deadline type you used (EA/ED/RD) C) What application type you used

Last minute requests cannot be guaranteed. Failure to email me in a timely fashion will result in your application being incomplete:

For Example;

UMass-Lowell, Early Action, Common App

Worcester State, Regular Decision, college’s own application

Wentworth Institute of Technology, Rolling Admissions, Priority Application


College Counseling Office sends to colleges: 1-Transcript/Grades 2-Teacher Recommendation Letters 3-Counselor Recommendation Letter 4-School Profile and 5-Secondary School Report


Note: The College Counseling does NOT send SAT/ACT scores to colleges as this is the student’s responsibility to have scores sent through the College Board and/or ACT


V: College Recommendations: Saying Thank You

Ms. Morocco has completed a school recommendation letter for EVERY senior. She spent a significant part of her summer+fall reading over your college questionnaires, your report card comments throughout high school, had conversations with teachers who have taught you/worked with you, and used my notes from our meetings. Specifically, these counselor letters are a key aspect of most colleges’ admissions application reviews as she really captures the “whole” students and what you will bring to the college community. Whether you see Ms. Morocco in the hall and/or by email, make sure to say a big THANK YOU!

Teachers have also spent a great deal of time writing college recommendation letters over this past fall. Don’t forget to thank the teachers who have written letters on your behalf and keep them posted of your college decision news.


VI: IACS Twitter and Celebrating College Acceptances

As the majority of EA/ED college admissions decisions will start to arrive over the next few months, please email me and/or stop by my office to let me know of the news and of any possible merit scholarships you were awarded (this will be kept confidential). If you are interested in having us share a college acceptance or two through the IACS College Counseling twitter account (@MrBarr_IACS) make sure to send us photos of you with your college acceptance letter and/or college gear!


VII: First Semester Grades

I cannot stress enough how important senior year grades are as grade trend matters a great deal. First semester grades will be sent to any college you applied/are applying to. Even if you applied EA/ED and get accepted, the colleges will still see these grades and can rescind an acceptance if the grades negatively dip.



VIII: College Counseling Choice Block

The College Counseling Choice Block is once again being offered to allow seniors a weekly block of time to work on their college applications while getting support and having their questions answered. This is a highly encouraged opportunity for seniors who need time and/or support with the college application process.


Students who have not applied to college should be scheduling meetings with me using the online meeting sign-up to do so they are submitting applications prior to Thanksgiving. The majority of student applications, unless there is a (portfolio/audition) should be submitted by the Thanksgiving deadline as well.



Danny Barr
Director of College Counseling