Create a PSA Contest

September 5, 2017 12:25 am

A contest from the State Department of Transportation: 

Lead the way in promoting safe walking, bicycling, and driving behaviors across Massachusetts. Write and produce a one minute public service announcement video that focuses on safe behaviors across all modes with regard to the distraction of technology. 

Distracted driving, from technology such as texts, loud music, social media, looking at GPS, etc. is attributed to 6 out of 10 moderate to severe teen crashes. This problem is not just limited to driving, as incidents of pedestrian and bicycle crashes also occur because a person was distracted by a device.

Write and produce a one minute video with a call to action for what you, and/or your friends, and/or your family, and/or your local communities need to do in order to see a world where there are no pedestrian or bicycle injuries or fatalities. Keep in mind that your video may be used as a public service announcement to help keep you, your friends, and other teens and community members in Massachusetts safer on the streets.