High School Update

April 8, 2017 9:32 am

This is an exciting, busy, and sometime stressful time of the year for all us at the high school. Seniors are down to their last 30 days of classes and many are still trying to decide on their plans for life after high school. Sophomores have finished English Language Arts MCAS testing, but they still get to look forward to Math MCAS testing in May. All students in grades 9-11 have been making course requests in the Aspen/X2 portal for next year. Students in 8th grade will be making their course requests in early May. Parents can review these requests in their Family Portal (click HERE for a tutorial on how to view them). And at the same time students are busy with these items, they are also preparing for POL’s and Senior Projects, rehearsing for the next drama production, or participating in spring sports! But wait, there’s more! Just this week, our Model UN Team led by Ms. Gonsalo, participated in a conference at UMASS Lowell and was recognized as the 3rd best delegation to compete! Jennifer Schultz and Leticia Freire both won the title of BEST delegate in their committees! Jen, representing Japan in the UN Women’s council, and Leticia in the World Health Organization, were both presented plaques and their committee’s official gavel in honor of their outstanding work. Carter Morgan, representing Japan, and Noah Doucot, the Czech Republic, also did a phenomenal job.  Both won Honorable Mention awards in their committee, the UN Environmental Programme, receiving certificates for their outstanding work in debate and resolution writing. Great job representing IACS so well!

(L-R) Carter Morgan, Joshua Sweetland, Leticia Freire, Noah Doucot, Maya Hegde, Jacob Babcock, Jennifer Schultz, and Cameron Frazier

Hopefully you were able to see all of the excellent student work on display at last week’s Spring Exhibition Night. The science, art, music, and English projects were all very impressive and I want to thank all of the students and teachers for doing such a nice job of showcasing their work. The night also included beautiful performances by the Concert Choir and Chorale, under the direction of Ms. Lane. Additionally, seniors Ariana Schmidt and Elisa Alexander, as their applied piece for senior project, conducted two musical performances that were great examples of why we place such value on the program. Students (and teachers) that make up the Choice Block Garage Band also performed several songs at Exhibition Night. Click HERE for one of their selections. Garage Band is under the direction of Mr. Sciolla and includes Ariana Schmidt, Isaiah Krehbiel, Mr. Spiro, Maddy Premru, Elijah McTiernan, Sage Paolillo, Meg Weldon, Marc Montesanti, Mr. Morse, and Jimmy Foye.

As the weather heats up, so do the activities around the high school. All students will attend a Substance Abuse Prevention assembly on Tuesday that will be led by Bill Phillips of the New Beginnings Program in Framingham. He has presented at schools across the state and will hopefully have a positive impact with our students as well. The second set of progress reports will be available for viewing in the Aspen/X2 portal over April vacation. Even with all of the activities going on, it is important for our students to remember that their academics always need to be their number one priority.