IACS eSports Team

November 7, 2018 10:29 pm

IACS eSports Team plays 1st Match

Coached by our IT guru, Nick Troy, the IACS eSports team played its first two matches on Tuesday. The new eSports League in Massachusetts consists of 34 Teams in 21 different schools (schools can have more than one team). The game all teams are playing this season is called League of Legends and it looks like the spring season will feature a different game. When Ms. Destramp has some time away from middle school band practices, she is able to provide some coaching as well since she is an expert at League of Legends. The following students are members of the eSports Team: Andrew Bui, Gustavo Carreti, Eli Donoghue, Connor McNamara, Carlos Ramirez, Paul Torres, and Manny Andrade. On Tuesday, IACS lost to Mahar Regional High School in the first match, but then beat Blue Hills Regional Technical High School in their second match. Good Luck this Season!