Logging on to Middle School Classes for Remote Learning

September 13, 2020 8:24 am

Students will need to sign in to your school Google account. User names and passwords for returning students have not changed. New students received their user names and passwords at their advisory meet-ups and they were also emailed to families today.

Please use this video to help you know how you should sign-in and where you can view your class schedule on Google Calendar. 

Each day students will have advisory and four classes- Math, English/Language Arts, either Science or Social Studies Project (which rotate by semester), and one of the following Specials-  Art, Music, Wellness-Challenge, Wellness-Health, Critical Thinking, or Spanish.

Students will start each day in advisory, where they will review your schedule and the academic expectations for that day. Each of the four classes will have class meeting times on Zoom or Google Meet (which will be on your Google calendar) and independent work to do outside of the class time. For more information on the remote learning expectations, click here

Here is a sample schedule to have a sense of the flow of the day and week, but please note your classes might be in a different order. Please use student Google calendar to know the exact times for your schedule

Be sure you use the video to ensure you see the four classes and advisory on your Google Calendar, so that you know how and when to sign on to them before the first day of school.

  • If you cannot get into your school Google account, please email at: mkapeckas@innovationcharter.org so that I can reset your account password. 
  • If you can see your Google calendar, but a class is missing from your calendar, please email your advisor. 

We’re all excited to “see” you on Monday! We’ve missed you so much!