MS Technology Update

September 28, 2018 5:49 am

A reminder that log-in information for our x2 Aspen database has been emailed out to all new families. The database allows students and families to access information about attendance along with current progess in each class. We also will post progress reports and report cards to x2. Please ensure that you can log-in to your account. If you have any difficulty accessing your account, please reach out to the main office. In general, we recommend families log on once per week to review their child’s progress.

We also recently sent invitations for Google Classroom. Google Classroom is a tool to support students. When they access their account, they can see a posting of homework assignment and important reference materials, such as rubrics. Parents that accept the invitation to Google Classroom will get a weekly summary of their child’s account. While it is less comprehensive than x2 from the parent view, many families enjoy having the weekly email summary sent to them for review.