Reminder about Personal Device Policy

November 21, 2019 10:04 am

A reminder that fifth and sixth grade students are not allowed to use personal devices during the school day between 8-3 pm unless they have teacher permission. Students in seventh and eight grade may use personal devices during passing time and lunch. Often, we find that when students are violating the policy they are using their device to text home. Please work with your child to write down after school plans in their planner if they need reminders. We also sometimes find that students will text home if they aren’t feeling well or if they are having a bad day. We want to teach students to communicate with the adults at school. It’s important that students that do not feel well go to the health office to be assessed and dismissed, if needed. It is also important that we are helping students problem-solve with staff if they are having a bad day. Thank you for your support!