Sixth and Eighth Grade Jury Presentations

March 24, 2017 3:06 pm

Sixth and eighth grade students will soon begin preparing for their spring gateway jury presentation. During this time, sixth and eighth graders present their portfolios to a team of assessors in a jury presentation. Sixth grade juries participate in a 20 minute jury presentation. Eighth graders participate in a 30 minute jury presentation. The team of assessors is typically made up of two adults including a staff member and an outside community member (an IACS parent or otherwise). A younger peer also attends to learn about the process and provide additional support. Students share pieces of work and provide evidence of why they believe they are ready to be promoted to the next grade. Following the jury presentation, students receive feedback from the assessor, including a final jury grade. Successful completion of a jury presentation is a promotion requirement for sixth and eighth graders.

Students received their jury packets this week, with their rubrics, organizers, and assigned time/date. Please ask your child about their jury and add their jury date to your family calendar. Sixth grade juries will occur during the week of May 30th. Eighth grade juries will occur during the week of June 5th. Your child should be working to ensure they are finishing their portfolio requirements by mid-April so that they can shift gears to start preparing their presentation thereafter. Thank you for your support.