The Hawk: December 12, 2018

December 12, 2018 10:00 pm

IACS Alumni Hawk

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December 12, 2018

Hello IACS Grads, Parents and folks who care about them!

We here at IACS are hoping that you are doing well in your post High School undertakings and are reaching out to you because, well, we want to stay connected to you.

We’d like to hear about your adventures, your experiences and what you’ve been up to. We’ll let you know about stuff that is going on here at IACS that you might want to hear about and we’ll post a few pictures and stories from your peers. Let us know about your accomplishments or about a change in email address so that we can congratulate you and share your good news. We could all use more good news right?

If this seems like a good idea, great, keep reading, if not, just hit unsubscribe and we’ll leave you alone.

Adam Reilly, IACS Class of 2011:

“I am currently a grad student in the School for the Environmental at Umass Boston. I am working towards my Masters in Environmental Science with a focus on Environmental Health. I’m studying how climate change affects global and population health. In addition, I am also an Associate Fellow through the NSF-funded Integrative Graduate and Research Traineeship (IGERT). As an IGERT associate fellow, I work with a transdisciplinary team of graduate students ranging from biology and business to environmental science and global governance and security. Moving forward, I think I’ll be shifting my focus from medical school to the pursuit of a PhD so I can continue my focus on environmental health policy.”

Patty Lyna, IACS Class of 2016:

“I’m in my third year at Framingham State, and it’s been going well. I made Presidents list last year! I’m studying to get my degree in Early Childhood Education with a concentration in Spanish. Last semester, I took 3 Spanish classes, which was a lot to handle at first, but I was able to do it by the end. On campus, I’m a part of the education club and I work as a student caller who calls on behalf of Alumni Relations and Development to make sure that the Alumni stay in touch with the university and help raise money for an Annual Fundraiser that goes towards student scholarships. After I complete this degree, I intend to pursue my Masters.”

Brian Kiessling, IACS Class of 2015:

"I am graduating in May of 2019. I’m in the athletic training program at Bridgewater State University. I covered division 1 football at Bryant University. This spring semester I am starting clinical at Tufts University. I am working under the supervision of an Athletic Trainer evaluating, diagnosing, treating, rehabbing, and providing acute emergency care during practice and game. I obtained EMT-B certification spring semester of 2017. I hope on attending Northeastern University for the Physician Assistant program. Once I am out of college, I plan on working as an Athletic Trainer for 2 years while completing prerequisite science classes and then hopefully applying to PA school by 2021."

Annual Giving Campaign.

Hopefully you’ve already received our Annual Giving Campaign trifold in the mail detailing the reasons why donating to IACS now is so important. By joining the movement, you’ll be helping us create a campus trail with fitness and wellness stations for the benefit of our students, staff, families, and community members like you. We humbly ask for your support with this project, donations of any amount are helpful and together we will create a path to increased wellness.

Thank you for considering IACS as a recipient for your end of year charitable giving. Click here to donate today.

‘Tis the Season! Calling IACS Alumni!

If you’d like to help get members of your class (or other classes!) together to spread some cheer and do some good deeds this season, contact Tina Lindberg. There are several senior citizens here in town with no family around who would love some company for a short time to play cards or bingo, help wrap gifts or do some painting! Additionally there are several local homeless shelters who could really use the hands on help this year to get meals ready or sort clothes for those families in need! It could be a great time to catch up with old friends and make a difference in the lives of others in our community! Contact me at if you’re interested.

Substitue Teaching

Graduated and looking for a chance to make a little extra cash while staying connected to IACS? Have you ever thought about teaching? Contact Administrative Assistant, Crystal McKiel, to attend one of our substitute training classes and get on our call list. Just ask alumni Rebecca O’Keeffe, pictured here with some current IACS Students, she’s been substituting here this year and we’re glad to have her.

Internship Mentoring

Are you interested in mentoring an IACS intern in a certain field for a few hours a week? Would your company/organization like some (read: free) help, a motivated learner, one who has the same core momentum that you were taught; community membership, self direction, problem solving and effective communication?

Click here if you think you may be interested in being a part of an IACS students journey to finding his/her career path by way of an internship.

We are still looking for semester 2 mentors for our upperclassmen, please let us know if you can help with this.

The 4th Annual Mitten Tree is winding down!

The last day to collect gifts was Wednesday, December 12th. However we will be accepting any left over gifts in the cafeteria donation box up until Winter Break. Diapers, mittens, hats and scarves are always needed. Every donation so far is much appreciated and we are at well over 100 donations! The children, families and all of us on behalf of the Thom Anne Sullivan Center are so grateful for all of the support the IACS community has shown year after year.

Let’s keep it up! Thank you!

Emma Chaitin, IACS Class of 2017

Here’s a photo of gifts collected just from yesterday and today!