The Hawk: December 12, 2019

December 12, 2019 6:48 pm

IACS Alumni Hawk

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December 2019

Hello IACS Grads, Parents and folks who care about them!

We’d like to hear about your adventures, experiences and what you’ve been up to. We’ll let you know about stuff that is going on here at IACS that you might want to hear about and we’ll post a few pictures and stories from your peers. Let us know about your accomplishments or about a change in email address so that we can congratulate you and share your good news.

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Alumni Updates

Katie Wilgohs '17

I am currently in my junior year at Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, FL, where I am double majoring in Psychology and Animal Studies with a minor in Environmental Studies. Eckerd’s current President recently announced that he is going to retire at that end of this academic year (2020), and I am pleased to share that I was nominated and selected to be the student member serving on the Presidential Search Committee for the college’s next President. This summer, I was also awarded the Arnold Family Annual Scholarship in Animal Studies as well as the Jack Bevan Memorial Scholarship at Eckerd. I am making the most of my time at Eckerd and am currently the lab manager of the Comparative Psychology Lab under Dr. Lauren Highfill, studying animal behavior from dogs to elephants. I am grateful for all that IACS prepared me for, I wouldn’t be the person or student that I am today without that experience.

Mitch Monahan '17

I recently wrapped up my first year at the United States Military Academy where I completed Air Assault school (working with helicopters). This was my first real Army school that I completed and I earned a badge. Academically, I am a Kinesiology major and am shadowing under a Lieutenant Colonel at a Physical Therapy clinic. I was one of 15 cadets chosen from the whole class of 2022 to be a part of that major. Additionally, I am a Writing Fellow at West Point primarily in charge of tutoring people with writing papers. As for my athletic achievements, I competed with the D1 gymnastics team here in 4 competitions last season. One of which was the NCAA Championships where I had the ability to compete on rings!

Nate Roy '18

After my eight years at IACS and graduating in 2018, I chose to pursue a Mechanical Engineering degree at UMass Lowell. I had two internships throughout my high school career at IACS, both of which helped me set my path for further education. After completion of my first year here at UML, I am grateful for many of the skills I acquired from IACS, but one of the most important things I took away from my high school experience is being able to give a well-written, practiced, and polished presentation. These skills prove extremely useful in the real-world, allowing me to become the first freshman hired at the UML Submillimeter-Wave Technology Laboratory, where I work as a Mechanical Engineer and Machinist. I have been working at the STL for a year now and I could not be happier with my decision. UML offers many great opportunities for students, such as the DifferenceMaker Program, where some colleagues and I are working on solutions for blind and/or deaf people to navigate. We are presenting our ideas and product at the IEEE SAFENETS Workshop 2019. Overall, I am thankful for everything I took away from IACS and I’m excited about my remaining time here at UML as I pursue my bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Thank you IACS and our fantastic teachers for making our success possible as we move through our higher education and beyond!

Annual Giving Camapign

Hopefully you’ve already received our Annual Giving Campaign trifold in the mail detailing the reasons why donating to IACS now is so important. By joining the movement, you’ll be helping us update the technology for all students at IACS including. Our focus for fundraising this year is to purchase Chromebooks for our 5/6 students so that they too can have digital portfolios and as well as adding inventory to our library lending program and lastly we’d like to purchase new overhead projectors to replace our blurry, outdated ones in all classrooms . We humbly ask for your support with this project, donations of any amount are helpful and together we will help our community access the technology needed for ALL students to be successful.

Thank you for considering IACS as a recipient for your end of year charitable giving. Click here to donate today.

Internship Mentoring

Are you interested in mentoring an IACS intern in a certain field for a few hours a week? Would your company/organization like some (read: free) help, a motivated learner, one who has the same core momentum that you were taught: community membership, self direction, problem solving and effective communication?

Click here if you think you may be interested in being a part of an IACS students journey to finding his/her career path by way of an internship.

We are still looking for semester 2 mentors for our upperclassmen and welcome ideas for fall 2020. Please let us know if you can help!

The 5th Annual Mitten Tree is winding down!

The last day to collect gifts is Friday, December 13th. However we will be accepting any left over gifts in the cafeteria donation box up until Winter Break. The photo shows just a handful of the MANY donations we’ve received so far. Diapers, mittens, hats and scarves are always needed. Every donation so far is much appreciated! The children, families and all of us on behalf of the Thom Anne Sullivan Center are so grateful for all of the support the IACS community has shown year after year.

Let’s keep it up! Thank you!

Emma Chaitin, IACS Class of 2017

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