The Hawk: July 12, 2018

July 12, 2018 6:48 pm


Community Letter for Potential Mentors/Internship Sites 2018-19

Dear IACS Community,

I hope like me, everyone has been enjoying this beautiful weather! However, I am also hard at work as I prep for our 9th year of our IACS Internship program!

What Is the IACS Internship Program?

The IACS Internship Program aims to provide students an opportunity to explore different career options while enabling them to gain workplace skills regardless of what career they choose to pursue.

The program has been a very positive experience for mentors and their organizations, both personally and in terms of return on investment. I have read many articles that have reported the lack of college graduates who are ready for the workforce upon graduating college. Mentoring an intern as early as high school aged, is an essential contributor to helping students develop key skills to prepare them for the workforce. In addition, many organizations are reporting their preference and success in selecting new hires from an intern pool, or those who have had hands on and internship experience. We have had several interns that have been offered summer jobs or have gone on to college to return to the organization with a degree where they once interned when they were in high school at IACS. While there are no promises on either end, there seems to be a trend starting here creating a win-win situation for all involved.

How It Works

Upperclassmen at IACS fill out a survey over the summer pinpointing some areas of interests and strengths. They indicate their distance they can travel/transportation, their preference of semester or year commitment, as well as one of the two options we structure for days/hours.

Over the past eight years, our partnerships in this program have grown. We have law firms, government agencies, schools, hospitals and engineering firms to name a few categories. Based on the information I collect from the organizations as well as the students, I try to make a match. I help coordinate an interview, meet and greet or an orientation so potential mentor(s) and potential intern(s) can meet to see if it would be a good fit.


Internships can be offered for a Semester or for the Full Year

  • Semester 1 (Oct. 3rd- Jan 16th)

  • Semester 2 (Jan. 23rd- May15th)

  • Full Year (Oct. 3rd- May15th)

  • Days/times:

  • Internships can be offered on Wednesday afternoons from 1-5pm (4 hours)

  • Internships can be offered on both Wednesday and Friday afternoons from 1-3pm (4 hours).

  • The later option here gives students an opportunity to participate in the internship program, but also be able to be part of other after school extra curricular, etc.

  • Transportation is provided by the student intern and/or their family.

  • All IACS Interns are covered by IACS School Insurance

  • Pay: Unpaid. Program is academic in nature.

  • Additional Benefits to Your Organization:

    Prior to beginning their internships, students can/will participate in either an interview with you (recommended) or an internship meeting with me where I can relay any pertinent information. We will go over the program expectations, details about the general workplace protocol including dress, professionalism, etc. Please be sure you have provided me any of this information in which would be beneficial for the student to know and expect (attire, name and contact info for specific mentor if it is not directly you, 1st day expectations, prior paperwork or orientation, etc).

    Hear First Hand from parents who have decided to mentor an IACS Intern:

    The past two years, IACS parent, Anne Malen has mentored an intern. Here is what Anne had to say when we asked her about her experience having an IACS intern:

    “My company, Microdesk, has sponsored an IACS Intern for the last two years. As both a parent and a mentor, I have found it to be a rewarding experience. Our interns have been professional and truly helpful to us.

    Real world experience is so important for students; it gives them perspective about the work

    environments they may enter as adults and can be a guidepost as they make decisions about their future.

    This is a unique opportunity to support the mission of IACS and give back to the IACS community while also getting assistance from a wonderful student. I and my company look forward to participationfor the years to come.”

    Anne Malen, Director of Business Operations, Microdesk (Nashua, NH )

    Scott Blanchet has also mentored interns for the past two years. Here is Scott’s response:

    “When I saw the request for company sponsors for the IACS internship program a couple years ago, it struck me that hands-on experience with my company would provide high school students a unique opportunity to “try on” a career in engineering before making that big college commitment. We started with one student, to try it out. We had no idea what we were doing, but Tina was a huge help and it worked out so well that we decided to take on two interns this year. Feedback on the experience from the students was great, and it has had the unexpected benefit to our company of providing leadership, management and mentoring experience for our engineers. The program is terrific. I highly recommend giving back to the IACS community in this way if you can.

    Scott Blanchet, Nuvera Fuel Cells (Billerica, MA)

    With the large number of students interested again this year, the areas to explore and of interest have greatly increased. To help place all interested students, we are looking for additional mentors and organizations that may want to mentor a student intern. If you, your neighbor, relative or friend may be interested in having an unpaid student intern, we would love the opportunity to see if we may have a good match for the 2018-19 school year!

    I look forward to hearing from you and any leads and ideas you may have to help support our students and be a part of this growing program and community!

    Thank you in advance for supporting IACS students!


    Tina Lindberg

    Director of Community Outreach & Advancement, IACS

    Check out our Internship Page on our school website to review other mentor and intern testimonials, and see documented footage of IACS interns at their internship sites.