The Hawk: June 30, 2021

June 30, 2021 10:00 pm

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June 30, 2021

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IACS Beets and Eats Summer Camp

Beets & Eats Summer Camp Sign-Up

Join Ms. Schrader (Middle School Science) and Ms. Cynar (High School Science) for a FREE week-long, summer gardening and cooking camp!

Beets and Eats will run Monday, August 9th – Friday, August 13th from 8am – 12pm at IACS.

It will be a mix of 12 students from our MS and HS.

It’s FREE!

Each day will have both a gardening and cooking activity. You’ll learn different garden skills like direct seeding, transplanting, making soil mixes, starting seeds indoors, etc. and help prepare the school gardens for the fall. You’ll also learn some cooking skills while making delicious snacks. Some cooking days will include practicing knife skills while making spring rolls and quick pickles, learning the basics of a dressings while making dips and sauces (salsa verde, chimichurri, ranch, etc.) and different types of chips (homemade tortillas, veggie chips, etc), create refreshing drinks (boba, horchata, iced teas, sorrel punch, etc.), and making pizza from scratch (milling your own flour and making your own sauces and cheese). During the week we will also take a field trip to a few local farms to pick berries, harvest tomatoes, and view honey making which will be part of the week’s snacks. Each day you will also take home plants or other garden items to grow and an ingredient kit to make and share recipes with your family and friends.

Please sign-up HERE by Friday, July 30th.

If we have more than 12 interested students, we will start a waiting list.

We will reach-out with more specific logistics and forms (health, dietary, field trip permission forms, etc.) at a later date.

If you have any questions please contact Holly Schrader ( ) and Anna Cynar ( with any questions.

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