The Hawk: May 24, 2013

May 24, 2013 8:00 am
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<div style="color:rgb(102,0,204); generosity of your community spirit and giving.  With the Expansion Initiative's events this school year — the Fall Relay, The Leadership Donor Club, the Hawk Walk bricks and the most recent 5K and Fun Walk, we've already raised over $50,000 in the school year!  All we can say is WOW, THANK YOU! 

<div style="color:rgb(102,0,204);s time to…. go out and play with your IACS friends and family again!  Fundraising is fun.  – direct payments to or contact Carol Passarelli: or 978-663-3745.  Please place orders by June 3 — the more the merrier!

<div style="color:rgb(102,0,204);s your story and lasting memory to add to Hawk Walk? 

Lunch:  June Lunch Menu (please place orders by 5/29)

click here.   Please place your order by Wed 5/29/13 9:00pm .

Last Bash Fundraisers/News:
Middle School Fundraiser –  Whiffle –  Mr Leedberg with a Whiffle?  If we can raise $1000 between May 22th  and May 29th this will be a reality!   Funds to support the Senior Last Bash and make Mr. Leedbergs summer a little cooler!  All donations should be given to the Front Office in an envelope labeled "Whiffle – last bash".   If you would prefer to take part with a donation by check, checks should be made payable to IACA. Thanks for all your support!  Questions?  Contact Ann Cottle at

High School Fundraiser – Priceless – Mr. Onos with Blue (or red hair)?  Mr. Weiss singing Gaga – Bad Romance???  Mr. Orpen Dressed as a Senior????   What alternate reality is this??? Any and all of these are possible with your help.  Our fabulous faculty have graciously consented to participate in this fundraiser for the senior last bash.  Funds collected between May 22nd and May 29th will be tallied.  If $200 is raised, on the last day of school Mr. Onos will be going red or blue depending on the mood. If $400 is raised Mr. Weiss will join in the fun by singing Lady Gaga's Bad romance.  And If $600 is raised then Mr. Orpen will also be dressing up as a member of the senior class (suggestions welcome).  Please help the last day of school and the senior bash both be priceless and memorable!   All donations should be given to Tina Lindberg in an envelope labeled "Priceless – last bash".  If you would prefer to take part with a donation by check, checks should be made payable to IACA. Thanks for all your support!  Questions?  Contact Ann Cottle at


See the attached donation form and details on the celebration.


Basket Raffles are here!

*8th Grade
Semi-Formal Volunteers Needed
8th Grad Semi-Formal will be held on Friday Evening June 7th
from 7-10pm.
Look for permission slips to be sent home on May 3rd
and are due back on May 24th. There will also be an invitation sent
out on May 17th. If you have any questions or would like to help
please contact Kerry Wellenstein,
Jury Volunteers
6th & 8th grade have received their jury dates
. We need many community members to
volunteer as a member of a jury panel.
If you can give an hour or more
during the school day (juries start at 8:00 and go throughout the day until
4:00) this spring, please contact Paula Girouard:
or stop by the main office. The Annual IACS Boxtop baseball competition is well under way. Homebase
Edelman is off to an incredible start with 10 runs! (1 run = 100 boxtops)
Homebase Rowling is right behind them with 6 runs. How is your
homebase/advisory doing? Boxtops can be submitted in the monster box in the
cafeteria or in the HS breezeway. We've started polishing the trophy so send in
those boxtops! Boxtops sent in last year earned the IACS over $2000

Greg Orpen
High School Principal
Innovation Academy Charter School
72 Tyng Road
Tyngsboro, MA 01879
Phone: (978) 649-0432 x3141
Fax: 978-649-6337

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