The Hawk: May 29, 2018

May 29, 2018 10:00 pm


IACA Updates

In this issue:

• IACA Elections
• 8th Grade Semi

• 8th Grade Moving Up

• August Ice Cream

• End of Year BBQ

• Last Bash

• Grad Reception

• Dining for a Cause

IACA Elections for the 2018-2019 year

Join us on June 13 for a short meeting where we can vote on the proposed slate of officers. You can also take this opportunity to sign up for help or run an event next year! Come be one of the people who makes things happen!

Read More About It!

8th Grade Semi Volunteers

8th Grade Semi is coming up and we are still looking for parent chaperons. Please contact ONE WEEK!!!

8th Grade Semi Tickets

We have extended the deadline for 8th Grade students to purchase their Semi tickets to Wednesday, May 30. Please send in your order form and payment by then!

8th Grade Moving Up

Our 8th grade students have worked hard to get to this point. Many will be staying at IACS and many will be departing for other area schools. We need your help to make this event special for them. It just a few hours on the morning of June 19. Ideal candidates for assistance here are 6/7 grade parents. Please email with questions or offers to help.

Seeking Volunteers for the August Ice Cream Socials

Do you remember your first welcome to the IACS Community? I bet it was the August Ice Cream Social! You probably had a 5th grade student. You were probably unsure of what to expect but you had received a letter the week before, indicating who your student’s advisor would be. Or, if you currently have a student in the high school, who your student’s homebase teacher would be. When you arrived at school, you discovered lots of people. Teachers, parents, students…milling about, conversing, catching up after a not-long-enough summer. You were able to introduce your student to their teachers, meet other new parents, or perhaps welcome new parents.

As a great community building event, the ice cream socials (there are two – one for high school and one for middle school) provide a great opportunity to meet people. And eat ice cream. Let’s not forget the ice cream.

IACA is looking for volunteers to help run this event. Want to know what’s involved? Want to be involved? This is a great event to get your feet wet in the volunteer pool. Email IACA President, Jo Anne Frazier, at We need your help to make this a great 2018- 2019 kickoff!

End of Year BBQ

We need a LOT of volunteers to make this one work.

This is what our current needs look like:


Grillers: STILL NEED 4

Servers: STILL NEED 27
Kitchen Clean-Up Crew: STILL NEED 2 (1 with IACS Kitchen Experience)

Clean-up Crew: STILL NEED 5

If you’ve never been a part of this event, it is a great event and there are a lot of moving parts. There is no way we can pull off this event without your help. Please contact Cindi, at with questions. We also still need food donations.

We need a lot of donations:

Potato Salad (11), Pasta Salad(13), Garden Salad(14), Fruit Salad (11) Desserts (70), Chips (27), Watermelon – Sliced (13), Ketchup (2), Hamburger rolls – by the dozen (64), Hot dog rolls – by the dozen (22), Paper plates – pkg of 300 (2)

In addition – we need gluten free hamburger/hot dog rolls and desserts.

Please go to this link, click on the tabs and sign up to volunteer and/or donate. This year end event cannot happen without your help.


All last bash forms/permission slips are due no later than June 5th. 18 year olds still need to submit signed permissions slips as this is a school event.


Pay it Forward!

A phrase we all love to hear. A phrase we all love to benefit from. Here’s your chance to take action and let someone else benefit, and your grad will benefit when it’s their turn!

The Last Bash Committee is looking for donations!!!

Last Bash has always been a great night for our Seniors. One of the big- gest reasons is the generosity of our school community! In order for us to send off our Seniors in the best way we know how, we are looking for dona- tions of gift cards – all types, dorm and college supplies, beach gear, car care products, or feel free to let your imagination run wild!

A big part of our Last Bash tradition is our annual Nerf War. We are in need of some new artillery – so if you have any nerf guns that are in working or- der, and you are able to donate them – they will be held onto for future nerf wars, until they are no longer functional!

All donations and nerf supplies can be left at the Main Office. When you send something in, please email or call Lynn Smith at 978-551-8289 so we can pick up same day.

Let’s make 2018 Last Bash the Best Ever!!!

Grad Reception

Thank you to everyone who has stepped up and volunteered to help. We can always use a few more hands. Please consider helping. Email:

Dining for a Cause – Not Your Average Joes

Join us at Not Your Average Joes on Tuesday, June 12.

Remember to print the attached flyer present to your server and IACA will receive proceeds from your bill!!