The Hawk: November 20, 2015

January 1, 1970 12:00 am

“The Hawk”

Dear  IACS Community,

Our Wellness Program unites staff as well as our parent community in reaching a common goal: educating and empowering our students to take ownership of their health and develop lifelong wellness skills and habits. With this goal in mind the program continues to grow and expand in exciting and positive ways.


At the high school level,  Kyle Thornton, PE/Health teacher,  shares the news of the ongoing construction of a low elements challenge course which is used in our high school PE program.  He explains: “There are currently five elements built, one in progress, and three in the works as additions.  These elements have a wide range of functionality, but all focus on teamwork and overcoming obstacles as one cohesive unit.  A course like this offers a rare opportunity for our students to practice hands-on leadership and problem solving skills that can be used in all avenues of life.”

Below is a link to the IACS high school Wellness page where you can find a virtual tour of the course.  This video reveals the elements we currently have, what they are used for, as well as future plans to expand the course.  This is yet another initiative through which we are engaging students and teaching them tools to use throughout their lives.


Enjoy your weekend!


Gayle Nutile-Pimm

Director of Health and Wellness

All School News

Dates At a Glance:

November 20, 21 – Footloose Production

November 20 – SAT Class registration and Payment Due

November 23 – High School Awards Ceremony 6-8pm @ IACS

November 24 – High School Production Auditions 3:00 – 5:30pm

November 24 – Middle School Awards Ceremony 6pm-8pm @ IACS

November 25 – Early Release – NO H/S Internship

November 26 & 27 – No School – Thanksgiving Break

December 1 – Innovation Morning for prospective H/S Students 8:30 – 9:30 am

December 3 – Financial Aid Night at Tyngsboro High School 6:30 – 8:00 pm

December 4 – Second Semester HS Choice Block begins

December 5 – SAT Exam 8:00 – 1:30

December 8 – Middle School Parent Advisory Council 7:15 am

December 9 – Early Release – No High School Internships

December 10 – Innovation Morning for prospective M/S Students 8:30 – 9:30 am

December 10 – Quality Night Grades 6 & 8, 6-7:15 pm

December 15- Quality Night Grades 5 & 7, 6-7:15 pm

Holiday Season Giving Tree

Thom Anne Sullivan Center is located in Lowell. It is an non-profit, early intervention center for infants, toddlers and their families. Not only is it an organization for children and families with early development issues, but there is a lot of community outreach done here to Lowell and the surrounding communities. This holiday season, a mitten tree fundraiser will be running from November 23rd to December 16th to help donate gifts and living essentials to those in need. The gifts will be donated to local families with infants all the way through teens.


Three students from our school community are interns at the Thom Anne Sullivan Center, Emma Chaitin, Katharine Keenan, and Antonio Cuevas. We would like to incorporate the community outreach platform they have to our school to help more people in our local region.

How it works! The mitten tree along with the donation box can be found in the cafeteria.

  1. Take a mitten from the tree!  The mitten will contain the gender of the child, the age, and the gifts that are requested.

  2. Purchase one of the gifts listed on the mitten or an appropriate gift for the age group on your mitten. GIFTS MUST BE NEWLY PURCHASED.

  3. Bring the gift back by the date of December 16th and drop it in the bin located next to the tree in the cafeteria. You do not need to bring your mitten back.

If you would like to donate without taking a mitten, gloves, hats, diapers and winter-wear is greatly appreciated. Once again, if it is all NEWLY PURCHASED. Bring your gift to the bin in the cafeteria as you would if you were giving a mitten gift.

If you have any questions please contact Emma Chaitin at

Food Drive

The National Honor Society and Middle School would like to express our gratitude to all who donated to our Food Drive. The Merrimack Valley Food Bank is the beneficiary of your generosity. Thank you for kindness!


IACS Lunch Program

December Breakfast & Lunch Menu has been posted. Click HERE to place your order. For more information about the IACS breakfast & lunch visit IACS School Meals  or email

IACS Athletics News

Fall Sports Awards:  The Athletic Award Ceremonies for Fall are on the following dates:

Monday 11/23 – High School Awards Ceremony 6pm-8pm @ IACS

Tuesday 11/24 – Middle School Awards Ceremony 6pm-8pm @ IACS


IACS Drama News

Mark your Calendars!

Our Winter Middle School Acting Workshop is coming and will run on 1/2 Day Wednesdays. More information is coming here:


High School Winter Production Auditions will be on Tuesday, November 24, 3:00-5:30. All you need is an audition agreement form. These are available at the main office and


Middle School News

Quality Night- coming in December:

December 1st and 2nd mark our first Quality Night Prep Day in advance of Quality Night. Students will be selecting one of their projects to present at Quality Night. During Quality Night prep time, students will make any revisions, if necessary, prepare their presentation, and create a display. Students should come prepared with note cards, a trifold or poster board, and art supplies. In between Quality Night prep day and their scheduled Quality Night, students should practice their presentation at home. Families can help ensure readiness for this important event by listening to the presentation. Asking your child questions about how the work relates to the real-world and making connections to the four school outcomes as well as providing feedback about their presentation skills will help your child polish their presentation.


Guests are asked to review short student presentations of their work and are given the opportunity to provide feedback to students. Quality Nights give students the opportunity to share an example of their best work with the public. We believe that this is not only an experience for adults to learn about what we do at Innovation Academy, but an opportunity for students to learn very important public speaking and presentation skills.


Presenting at Quality Night is a promotion requirement. Fifth and seventh graders will present twice throughout the school year. Sixth and eighth graders will present in December and turn their focus

to preparing for their gateway jury presentation in the spring. Family participation at Quality Night is essential in providing students individualized feedback about their work. Please do not hesitate to invite other guests (grandparents, aunts/uncles, neighbors, etc.) that are interested in supporting your child and seeing some examples of the project-based work IACS students do. Mark your calendars:


6th & 8th grade Quality Night Thursday  12/10 ~ 6-7:15 pm

5th & 7th grade Quality Night Tuesday 12/15 ~ 6-7:15 pm  


Please remind your child to dress professionally. A suit or fancy dress is not necessary, but a nice shirt, slacks, and/or skirt  would all be good choices.


Quarter 1 Assessments: Quarter 1 closed last Friday. Quarter 1 Assessments (report cards) will be published to the x2 family portal on Monday, November 23rd. An email will be sent home to alert you when the document has been posted with instructions on how to view and/or print, if you like. Paper copies a will not be provided unless it is requested to the main office. This will help us save resources and provide the information in the timeliest way possible. Throughout the quarter, please set a weekly time to check x2 with your child to help monitor their academic progress and ensure they are staying up-to-date with assignments. If an account becomes disabled, please email the main office at .


For 8th graders Applying to Technical or Independent Schools

Please be aware that deadlines can be quite early. Please provide 2 weeks or more notice for letter of recommendations. Any requests for other documents (transcripts, attendance/conduct record, etc.) can be made to Charlene LaRoche, Dean of Students.


Middle School Technology & Robotics Club:  Thank you for all of the interest from our Middle School students and families.  As of now, the Middle School Technology and Robotics club is full.  If you would like to be put on a wait list or have additional questions, please email Donna Harrington at

High School News

Click the blue link for the full text…


High School Robotics Club will be starting up after school on December 8th. This club will meet in room 241 on Tuesdays from 3-4:30 to start to prepare for participation in the Botball Robotics tournament which takes place in April. Students are welcome to come and try out robotics even if they aren't sure if they want to do Botball. To sign up, please email Donna Harrington at


  • Final Reminder for Students – Honors Drop Deadline

  • 2nd Round of Progress Reports for 1st Semester

  • Video of IACS Rock Band

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    Main Office Admin
    Innovation Academy Charter School
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