The Hawk: September 21, 2012

September 21, 2012 8:00 am
Here is this week's edition of the Dispatch.  Have a great weekend…


Back to School Nights:  A reminder that next week, both the High School (Monday the 24th)  and Middle School (Thursday the 27th) will be holding it's annual Back to School Night.   Both events start at 6 pm.

Sargent Center Trip Reminder (Grade 7 & 8):  Families of students in Grade 7 & 8 are invited to attend an information session on Thursday the 27th at 5 pm to coincide with the Back to School Night.

Grade 10 and 11th Whale Watch Trip:  This week students in Grades 10 & 11 were given permission slips for a Whale Watch on Monday, October 1st.   This annual tradition, organized by Ms. Burtch, is connected to the 10th Grade Biology Curriculum.  (Grade 11 is receiving a guest invite since their trip was "fogged out" twice last June)

Expansion Initiative Update: Exciting changes! Did you see the first soccer game on the new field?  Have you seen the new Science Classrooms for the Middle School? Stay informed by continually checking the Expansion Initiative website:

  • Learn
    about the reasons behind fundraising, and the overall 4 elements of the
    Expansion:  scroll to the video on the August 29 entry on the website
  • Buy your Brick for the Hawk Walk: 
  • Mark your calendar:  Saturday October 20th – Ribbon Cutting and First Annual Relay Fundraiser:
  • Lunch News: The October Lunch Menu
    is now available online. Lunch
    Orders for the first week in October are due Wednesday 9/26/12 by 9:00pm
    .  A Milk and Juice Only box has been added to the menu for students who
    would like to pre-order milk or juice only.  After checking out, please
    print out milk tickets for our child. Milk or juice cost 50¢
       Pre-ordered lunch cost of $3.85 continues
    include milk or juice.
    You do not need to print out meal tickets for
    pre-ordered lunches.  Only select the
    milk and juice box if you’d like to purchase an additional milk. If you would like to place a lunch order click here.

    We are still in need of volunteers for the
    lunch program.  Especially, lunch monitors.  Contact if you would like to find out more about volunteering or if have any questions regarding the lunch program.

    IACA News

    Innovation Academy Charter Association (IACA) is a non-profit organization of parents and faculty in support of Innovation Academy Charter School, Tyngsboro MA.

    Scholastic Book Fair is here again!
    The book fair will take place next week (September 24th – 28th) during school and also during the Middle School back to school night. Check with your child to see when their class is scheduled to come. Stop in and check out the great collection of books we have this year! If you are unable to join them please be sure to send your Child to school with money on their scheduled day.  Questions : Jamie Green

    The following is the class schedule for the fair:

    9/24 Monday
    10:51 – 11:46 Gates & O'Connor
    12:55 – 1:50 Brinker & Russell
    1:52 – 2:47 Rowling

    9/25 Tuesday
    8:57 – 9:52 Winfrey & Copernicus

    9/27 Thurs
    8:57 – 9:52 Pasteur/Parks HB7
    10:51 – 11:46 Pasteur/Parks
    12:55 – 1:50 Barton

    9/28 Fri.
    11:48 – 12:53 Keller/Mandella
    12:55 – 1:50 Edelman
    1:52 – 2:47 Salk/Bell/Gandhi

    Homebase/Advisory Liaison Parent Volunteers Needed!  We are looking for Homebase Liaison Parents for the following Homebases: Edelman,  Mandela, Edwards, Brinker. The Homebase Liaison parent volunteer works with the  teacher to update classroom families on Homebase events and activities including scheduling, organizing, communicating and assisting with and finding assistance for

    homebase projects. Liaisons will contact families via email or phone and can do this work from home, day or evening. Additionally, we are looking for high school parents who might also be willing to serve similar roles for news/events at the high school.If you are interested please contact: Sheila Hingorani,Homebase Liaison Coordinator at

    Funding Factory:  IACA has partnered with Funding Factory in a recycling program to raise extra funding for student programs. We would like to reach out to your work-place and get them
    involved with the program if possible. If you could please forward this notice to your  office manager or the appropriate person in charge of recycling at your job, it would be

    greatly appreciated.  The IACA  has coordinated this program by recycling empty printer cartridges and other "e-waste" to raise extra funding for student programs in our school. Many local companies are joining us because it is easy, has no obligation and no deadline. It only changes the way you recycle your unwanted items. After you register at, you can order FREE prepaid shipping labels or print them online. You can fill up the boxes with collected ink and laser cartridges, laptops, IPODS, GPS’s and cell phones, apply a FREE prepaid shipping labels and leave them for a UPS driver. You can register simply by picking register a business, IACA's non profit ID is 10133 as the organization you wish to support. That’s us! What is the final result? IACA uses the money to fund student programs at a local charter school, Innovation Academy. Last year we bought two LEGO MindStorm robotics kits for the Robotics Club. The kids were so excited!

    If you have any questions about this program, please contact Nancy Therrien at

    Box Tops:  Monsterific Boxtops!  September 19th thru October 19th : The boxtops program is starting up with our first  contest of the year. Look for our new monster collection box in the cafeteria. The

    Homebase and the Advisory with the most monstrous amount of boxtops wins a monsterific surprise. Submit your boxtops in a ziploc with your Homebase/Advisory name written on it. There will be one Middle School Homebase winner and one High School Advisory winner. Work as a team and collect those boxtops!!

    Keep clipping those Boxtops! Every 10 cents helps! Last year we raised $1500. Boxtops can be found on more than just food products now. Look for boxtops on Avery office products, Hanes socks, even Boise printer and copy paper. Use the online links to shop at stores like Target, GAP, Staples and earn boxtops for our school. Check out recipes, coupons, online games and more at

    Greg Orpen
    High School Principal
    Innovation Academy Charter School
    72 Tyng Road
    Tyngsboro, MA 01879

    Phone: (978) 649-0432 x3141
    Fax: 978-649-6337

    This email may contain confidential or privileged information. If you
    are not the intended recipient, please advise by return e-mail and
    delete immediately without reading or forwarding to others.