The Hawk: September 29, 2020

September 29, 2020 10:00 pm

IACS Hawk Extra

September 29, 2020

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Dear IACS Families,

As I noted in last Friday’s Hawk, gathering information about our reopening plan is this week’s priority. Informally, we have received positive feedback about our current “remote-plus” model, as well as some feedback regarding areas where we can improve. As we assess what is and isn’t working and consider transitioning to a hybrid model, it is imperative that we have more substantive data from families to guide our work.

In the survey linked below, you will be asked to share feedback about your student’s experience with the current remote-plus model. You will also be asked to share thoughts about the hybrid model proposed in our reopening plan. In this plan, students would meet in one room with their advisory groups all day. Teachers would remain with their advisories and provide asynchronousinstruction to students. In most cases, the content of the class would be delivered by teacher-created video lessons. As advisors, teachers would do their best to coach and support their students with their work in all subject areas.

As a reminder, the earliest date we might transition to a hybrid model is Monday, October 19th. Before making such a transition, however, it is important that we learn as much as possible from you, other stakeholders, and the experiences of other schools who have piloted different variations of hybrid models.

Our commitment has always been to use as much data as possible to inform our decisions. Thank you in advance for the feedback you’ll provide here which will help guide the road ahead.


In partnership,

Greg Orpen

Head of School