Special Education

Special Education services are provided to students with Individualized Education Plans (IEPs).  Innovation Academy strives to serve students in the most inclusive setting and students are primarily supported through classroom inclusion support provided by the school’s Student Services Teachers and inclusion aides.  Students also participate in small group classes as appropriate, and receive speech and language services, occupational therapy, reading, and counseling as indicated by IEPs.

Transition to IACS and Referrals for Initial Evaluation:

Families of students with IEPs who are transitioning to IACS should contact Aimee Voleti to discuss the transition process.  Families seeking an initial evaluation for their child should also contact Aimee Voleti.

Contact Information:

Director of Student Services Aimee Voleti 978-649-0432 x 2232 avoleti@innovationcharter.org

Middle School Student Services Teachers (IEP liaisons)

John Bresnahan (jbresnahan@innovationcharter.org)
Katie Muhigi (kmuhigi@innovationcharter.org)
Rebecca Soloman (rsoloman@innovationcharter.org)
Matthew Leonard (mleonard@innovationcharter.org)
Natalie Kent (nkent@innovationcharter.org)

High School Student Services Teachers (IEP liaisons)

Sarah Burke (sburke@innovationcharter.org)
Jennifer Wilkerson (jwilkerson@innovationcharter.org)
Leanne Barnes (lbarnes@innovationcharter.org)


Debi Rogers – High School Social Worker  – drogers@innovationcharter.org

Nancy Tripp – Middle School Social Worker – ntripp@innovationcharter.org

Phyllis Trincia- Speech Language Pathologist – ptrincia@innovationcharter.org

Courtney Pilcher- Occupational Therapist – cpilcher@innovationcharter.org

Kimberly Knight – Reading Specialist – kknight@innovationcharter.org

Eric Graber – School Psychologist – egraber@innovationcharter.org

Coordinated Program Review Findings

Special Education and Civil Rights


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College Board Release Form


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Understanding Basic Rights in Special Education from the Federation for Children with Special Needs

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