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Subhashish Acharya

Subhashish Acharya ( better known as Subs, pronounced “Subes” ) has two decades of stellar Industry, Strategy, and Technology experience at companies like HCL, Wipro and Oracle. Currently, he works as Director of Strategic Alliances and Ecosystems at PTC, a #1 Industrial Internet of Things and Augmented Reality company, accelerating digital transformation of manufacturing/factories through Industry 4.0.

Subhashish Acharya (Subs) is passionate about the “Future of Work,” Education, Design Thinking, and System Thinking.

He runs Project Starfish ( ) an MIT Startup Exchange ecosystem non-profit that is perhaps the only platform in the world to create experiential learning, training, and employment for 300+ blind and visually impaired individuals in 8 countries who, despite their qualification was unemployed for decades. His work has been highlighted in the Boston Globe, Chicago Tribune, and other international news media like Khaleej Times in the UAE. In 2015 Subhashish Acharya (Subs) was appointed by Former Governor of Mass, Mr. Deval Patrick, for a 3 year term, to lead the Employment and Industry Committee for the Rehab Commission under the Mass Commission for the Blind, which was originally created by none other than Helen Keller herself.

Subhashish Acharya (Subs) recently graduated from the Harvard Business School PLD/Exec MBA alternative program. Inspired to take action to help exceptional high school students during the COVID times, he recently founded ( with his classmates at Harvard Business School ) a unique college entry Student Leadership Program startup – Altus Education ( ). His vision is to build a thousand student leaders by 2030 who not only will pivot into the Top Schools/ Ivy Leagues, but also transform them into the conscious entrepreneurial community leaders and with a big emphasis on being financially free.