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Fiona Johnson
HS Girls JV Volleyball Head Coach

Fiona Johnson has lived in Tyngsborough her whole life and grew up loving sports. Her love for sports is what motivated her to become a coach at a young age, starting with recreational sports teams while still in high school. After graduating from high school, she wanted to continue coaching, but at a more advanced level. She started with girls middle school basketball and JV softball for the Tyngsborough Middle/High schools athletic programs. Her goal as a coach is to be a positive role model. She is dedicated to helping her young athletes become confident, resilient, and respectful individuals who understand that success is not solely defined by victories. Through her mentorship, she motivates and inspires them to set and achieve their goals, teaching them the importance of hard work, dedication, and self-belief. She firmly believes that success extends beyond the court/field and endeavors to equip her athletes with the life skills they need to thrive in all aspects of their lives.