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Katharine Hinkle
Earth Science

As a high school Earth Science teacher, Katharine’s goal is to get her students outside making observations about their environment. She wants her students to see how the landscapes around them form and how scientific issues play out in their local communities. Around her school’s campus you can find her leading nature walks, digging up granite chunks and soil samples for a lab, or uncovering colonial artifacts with her students. Katharine enjoys developing new curriculum and she teaches courses in earth and space sciences, engineering, and local history and environmental studies.

Before she was a teacher, Katharine studied geology and geophysics. She had the opportunity to study thixotropic fluids on fault surfaces and to explore the paleoenvironments of the desert southwest. From these experiences she learned that while experiments often fail, and field seasons are never long enough, the Earth still provides a never ending source of discovery.

When she isn’t teaching, Katharine enjoys the great outdoors with her family and geeking out about beautiful rock formations all over the country.