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Lees Stuntz

Lees Stuntz, Executive Director of the Creative Learning Exchange (CLE), founded the organization in 1991 under the direction of a Board of Trustees, which included Dr. Jay Forrester, founder of the field of system dynamics and inventor of core memory for the computer. The CLE is a successful networking center and curriculum resource for K-12 educators interested in systems thinking and dynamic modeling in a learner-centered environment. Lees has maintained an active interest in education through her extensive volunteer work as a school committee member and building committee chairman for her local public schools. She was a founder of a cooperative nursery school and is currently on the Board of Directors of the Discovery Museums in Acton. She has a life-long passion for developmentally appropriate experiential learning and for the appropriate nurturing of children.

Lees and her husband Stephen have 5 children and 11+ grandchildren. She has consistently interacted with IACS since before its founding as Murdoch Middle School.